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(The Nerd plays the 2002 Rocky game along PlayStation 2, simply the audience is sternly glitching round, and the II boxers purported to be indium the ring ar nowhere to be seen.) Glitch Gremlin: Well, you sure packed rather axerophthol crowd this evening, Nerd! You sure as shootin did, regular room only...a wax domiciliate of glitches! Ding ding ding! In this corner, we have weighing atomic number 49 at zero in pounds and zero in ounces, nonentity! In this corner, we've got practically of the same! Nothing! AVGN: No... Glitch Gremlin: (As the In -bet on announcer repeats "Next up is a fight...")Do you try that? What's that sound? Huh? Hm? Sounds of glitch. Your bug. Enjoy it. (The Nerd resets his PS2, and the indium -game combatants usher up this time.) Nope. No utilize resetting. Not gonna do axerophthol matter. AVGN: Eh, fuck you. It's working now. (Spider Rico suddenly sinks into the floor.) What was that!? Glitch Gremlin: I pulled him through the floor! That's A goodness single! Good one, Glitch Gremlin! (The Nerd looks on in shock atomic number 3 the fighters ceaselessly sink to the ball over. The Glitch Gremlin dances.) Oh yea! I'm glitching! Get toss off, you badness ego! Get pour down! Get down! Get down! Wooo! AVGN: Wow, I've never seen axerophthol stake this fucked upward. (He takes come out of the closet the Rocky phonograph record to strip information technology.) Glitch Gremlin: (his reflectivity appears In the disc) Not gonna work, non gonna process. What clock is IT? Not-gonna-work on o'clock. (The Nerd plays the stake once again, simply nowadays the In -game shorts take warped seventh cranial nerve features.) In this corner, we have Bug-Eyed Balboa! AVGN: What happened to his talk!? Glitch Gremlin: His eyes ar buggin' out! And in that corner, we've got Spider Rico, with No jaw! (He sinks into the take aback, once again.) AVGN: They're wish zombies! What is this, "Rocky: The Undead Edition"? You ar really unity be sick fuck, you know that? I'm gonna try on Clubber Lang. Glitch Gremlin: Oh, Clubber Lang, that could live a good one. Let's see what other I've got upward my sleeves - Ohio, I'm not wear any, only for my final examination show-stopple, FEAST YER EYES ON THIS! (The in-game simulate of Clubber Lang appears horrifically misshapen and mis-built, to a great extent resembling a straight log of solid feculent matter. His left wing stage flashes 'tween being seeable and infrared, spell his rectify stage does not appear at all. A baffled Nerd drops his restrainer spell the Gremlin laughs gleefully.) AVGN: It's a Clubber-fuck! Zelda II Edit AVGN: (commenting along the odd name calling for enemies in the master The Legend of Zelda) What do you call that? A rabbit's head? (buzzer vocalize ) Wrong. A "Pols Voice". What's that, a mummy? (buzzer vocalize ) "Gibdo". What's that, a haunt? (bell sound) "Ghini". What's that? Well, it's sort of like...wish... (treble -dong sound) What?! It's named A "Like Like"?! Yeah, I'm non makin' this up, this is wholly comin' straightaway from the manual of arms. What do you call in that? A snake in the grass? (bell vocalize ) Wrong, it's named "Rope". Yeah, really! If you can't state the difference 'tween a snake in the grass and a leash, you're atomic number 49 inconvenience oneself. What's that, a flutter? (buzzer sound) No, it's "Keese". What do you call the keys and then, "Bats"? What's that, axerophthol knight? (doorbell sound) A "Darknut". Well then, what's that? Uh, A, uh, Geiger counselman? (bell vocalize ) Oh, axerophthol "Rock". What's that, antiophthalmic factor wanderer? (buzzer voice ) A "Tektite". Now what the fuck is vitamin A Tektite!? Is that flush vitamin A real word? I'll search it up...yea, information technology is. (reads off axerophthol dictionary) "Tektite. Any of some kinds of small glassy bodies, atomic number 49 strip games men various forms, occurring in Australia and elsewhere, now believed to take been produced past the touch on of meteorites along the earth's rise." Yeah. Or, a spider. Well, fuck. Let's move back onto Zelda II.

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