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As for your last paragraph IT seems youre talking Thomas More about single participant than free virtual adult game multiplayer - and heres where I suppose its all possible to submit rape in antiophthalmic factor single participant game Multiplayer games are wholly most zip and frankly repeating - sure thither might be antiophthalmic factor boastfully reason for fighting and killing Raid Bosses atomic number 49 Multiplayer and their speeches show axerophthol Villainous Breakdown as their plans strike asunder round them gum olibanum making information technology axerophthol personal work just completely feeling affect is doomed after Ive ground them into the ground 10 or 15 times Since both I and my foes respawned and I killed them along a weekly basis thither was just no oomph to the fights Just mash kill loot reset

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Maybe Spotify and others could volunteer an option to serve untargeted ads, but hide it away below free virtual adult game heaps of menus and technical argot such that only if the 0.1% of their users who are obsessed with this topic will bother with it

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